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These prints are available matted and framed as well as unframed.

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Linocut Prints

Each print is hand made in every way. I hand cut the block, print it by hand, and then color each one individually. So there is a unique quality to each of the 7 in the series. And of course they are very limited in number and each one is signed.

This is a different process from the Fine Art prints I have made to reproduce my paintings. This is a printmaking technique used by fine artists very similar to woodblock printing.

I refer to them as the 12 by 12s because they share the common format of 12 inches square. They are wimsical and imaginative landscapes, truly fantastic scenes.

When Pigs Fly
Hand-colored Linocut

Zebra Fantasy
Hand-colored Linocut

Snake Canyon
Hand-colored Linocut

Porcupine Path
Hand-colored Linocut

Big Sur
Hand-colored Linocut

Sea Creatures
Hand-colored Linocut

Screaming Lizard
Hand-colored Linocut