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Harvey Milk Painting

My original art was created for a play at Diversionary Theatre in 2010

Please inquire for prints of the original.

My copyrighted Harvey Milk art was used in a Birthday celebration at the California State capitol in 2013.

Above left, California State Assemblymember Ken Cooley poses with my Harvey Milk image at the Harvey Milk Day celebration at the State Capitol in Sacramento, May 22, 2013. On the right is Assemblymember Phil Ting.

Fine Art Prints are available

Stretched Canvas Limited 3rd Edition

8x 10 inch canvas archival prints.

Wrapped on 1.5 inch museum quality stretchers.
Enhanced individually with touches of gold ink.

Signed, limited edition.

Please inquire for price, shipping and other information.

copyright © 2010 Julie Warren


2nd Edition Matted Canvas Prints

7.5 x 9.5 inch limited edition signed, archival prints on
high quality canvas.

Framed in a white archival quality mat 11 x 14 inch.

Please inquire for price, shipping and other information.

copyright © 2010 Julie Warren


About the Portrait

Dan Kirsch, the Executive Directior at the time, asked me to create a portrait of Harvey Milk to help celebrate the World Premiere of “Dear Harvey” at Diversionary Theatre. The original play by Patricia Loughrey is based on interviews with many people who have been touched by Harvey Milk’s remarkable life.

I was greatly inspired by the commission. I worked to capture the spirit of Harvey Milk as well as the likeness. Although I never met him, I feel I am a direct beneficiary of his courageous activism. His life and work continue to resonate even now, so many years after we have lost him.

I want this piece to reflect the positive influence that Harvey keeps giving us. I feel proud to be a part of this beautiful project and honored to be among the people who are keeping his legacy alive.

One of the ideas I have been working with employs the use of rectangular forms that build the picture. The nature of this play with the intertwined narratives forming a sort of quilt, a collage matching up with this visual interpretation.

About the Process

I painted one original portrait of Harvey Milk on canvas with acrylic paint. It is 11 x 14 inches. I then supervised the creation of a limited edition series of fine art prints. There are posters with the date and place of the world premiere event that this piece commemorates. These are printed on fine art paper and signed.